If you have an important birthday coming up, why not celebrate in style?

Beetle Drive UK have a number of classic cars that are perfect for big birthday parties in Berkhamsted. Many of our vehicles are from the 1960s and 1970s, two of the prime decades for classic cars.

Whether you’re celebrating your 21st or your 50th, our classic cars are a unique way to arrive at any venue. They also provide the chance for some awesome photo opportunities- Facebook and Instagram won’t know what’s hit them!

With Beetle Drive UK, you can view vehicles before making a booking.

Since we are not an agency, we own every single one of our vehicles- that means you can view them before making a booking. Our classic cars are not only brilliant for birthdays but for hen-dos, proms and weddings.

Among our range of classic vehicles is this milkshake pink VW camper van. One of the most recognisable classic vehicles, the VW camper van is extremely roomy, making it perfect for groups. Because VW Vans are strongly associated with the 1960s’ counterculture, they have become something of an icon. This particular model was born in 1966, when The Beatles did their final tour in America.

Our pink Ronnie VW van is as beautiful inside as outside. It is a wonderful way to brighten up a birthday outing this winter. If you’re in Berkhamsted, why not explore our classic cars today?

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