Fancy having a something different for your wedding?

How about bringing the spirit of the 1960s to your wedding, with a camper van wedding in 2017?

Reminiscent of feelings of freedom and adventure, the VW camper van is one of the most iconic emblems of the 1960s. If you’re based in Hertfordshire, Beetle Drive UK can bring that wonderful retro feel to your Christmas event or wedding, and provide plenty of photo opportunities.

What do our camper vans include?

Beetle Drive UK offer chauffeur driven VWs that can be dressed in ribbons and bows.

We can also include chilled champagne on board and make sure the VW stays at the reception, so you’ll have plenty of photographs.

Introducing our colourful camper vans.

All our camper vans have been given unusual names to make them easier to identify!

Among our range of vehicles available for camper van weddings is Ronnie- a rare walk-through split screen, 8-seater than was born in 1966- the same year that The Beatles toured the US. This vehicle has been totally restored and, better yet, she is completely pink, so will be extremely popular with brides.

Popeye knows what it needs to offer for that classic tweed look and yet still gives a fresh modern feel. This vehicle has lots of room to cater for a single wheelchair accessible wedding camper van.

Or if you would like a white camper van, to reflect your wedding, consider Casper. This camper van has recently received a lick of candy white paint. It also has swanky leather seats, a champagne area, and a top of the range speaker system.

Alice is such a beautiful wedding camper van, with powder blue exterior, and turquoise interior. This camper van is not only used for weddings but also for themed special events such as Alice In Wonderland and Frozen parties.