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So you’ve been given the task of organising the hen party – perhaps you’re the bride or it’s your best friend getting married, either way, it can still be a daunting task. We have been transporting hen and ladies nights for over 30 yrs so lets see if we can help you along the way. For your hen night ladies night parties we can offer you a range of transport options ranging from Camper Vans and Beetles.

Hen Parties/nights: What Really Happens

On hen parties/ladies nights anything goes, and it seems that women are getting wilder with their demands, and are going to further extremes to have a great night. It’s often been referred to as the last night of freedom before marriage and women are certainly taking advantage of it! Strippers have become a regular part of a hen party and shockingly, many have admitted to having a snog or one night stand with their stripper. It’s no surprise then, that there is an oath to keep what happened on their hen party a secret from their men. Most women think they have more fun than men do on their stag night and definitely act more outrageously. Instead of making a weekend of it, recession has meant many women would rather just have one night out

So what makes the perfectly mischievous hen party?

Two years ago a 72-year old lady booked a hen do with us. She was getting married for the second time and wanted to go all out. I thought she’d want an afternoon tea or spa day – but I couldn’t have been more wrong. All she was interested in was foreplay lessons – and a bit of lap dancing, you can imagine how difficult it was to fulfil her needs! The Monday after the hen night she called me. ‘I was really disappointed in the foreplay lessons,’ she said, sounding cross. ‘It just wasn’t raunchy enough”. Obviously fancy dress is very popular on hen parties. The current trend is for girls to wear vintage tea dresses, as well as the usual naughty nurses and schoolgirl outfits. You also can get some very strange themes though.

Not every hen likes the traditional party complete with L-plates and bride-to-be sashes. One chief bridesmaid came to me and said: ‘It can’t be girlie and absolutely no feather boas, none of the usual hen stuff.’ They ended up dressing as men and had a stag night. Of course the hens often get out of control – we’ve had complaints about hens skinny-dipping, and the noise. But there’s nothing we can do – they’re just having fun. Naked butlers and strippers often have rowdy hens pawing at them but they know what to expect and how to deal with it. We’ve had no serious incidents – yet! From my experience I have to say the hens are often more outrageous than the stags – they’re certainly louder, but always in control of themselves.!

Every hen’s night must have a theme

so your hen and all of her girls should get dressed up and make this night memorably different to any others. By dressing up on your hen night, you and your girls will be able to let your hair down and do things you wouldn’t normally do, it’s you in a pink wig and fishnets. When choosing your costumes, make sure every girl is happy with the choice, or is able to make it suit her. The most important thing though, is that the bride to be is the centre of attention and stands out in her white veil or tiara. Your hen’s night might be a group of playboy bunnies, devils and angels, nurses or policewomen. Try to choose a costume theme that suits the bride’s personality and maybe reminds you of a stage in your lives, for example, school girl dresses or the bride’s first job. Just make sure everyone is clear about the theme and you have discussed your costumes and their level of absurdity before the hen’s night, tailor the theme to the girls you are inviting. You don’t want to announce your theme and have some of the girls make excuses not to come because they don’t want to dress up as a bunny girl.

Make sure the theme you choose is practical an affordable. Some themes to get you thinking may be Bond Girls, Pop Stars, School Girls or have each girl come as something which begins with the same letter as their name.


Well why should only hens have fun nights that get a bit raunchy, come on ladies isn’t that how you want every weekend to be? What’s stopping you, just repeat all of the above, you could even call it a hen night, and take it in terns to be main hen. There are also plenty of more layed back ideas that I am sure you can think to do.

So whether its a hen or ladies night out, what ever your, ideas give us a call, and let us make it a night to remember in one of our retro classic vehicles. Our vehicles make wonderful hen night transport especially our pink camper van.

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