Life is A Beautiful Ride: Retro VW Campervan for Lovers

The Retro VW Campervan Wedding is a stylish and beautiful vintage wedding car. Camper’s aren’t just cars to ride for a wedding, they contain sentimental value and memories. The Retro VW Campervan is for couples who are having traditional weddings, boho weddings, festival weddings, and vintage weddings. You have the option of choosing variety of colors, sizes, and style. Whatever style you choose, your friends and family will be amazed by the unique look of your retro wedding. Best of all, the VW Campervan will provide you the wedding of your dreams. You won’t be disappointed with renting a campervan.

Retro VW Campervan Wedding

The VW Campervans are restored versions of the 1960 and 1970 models. These iconic, classic campervans continue to assist people in making happy memories they can keep forever. The campervans are spacious with a vintage appeal in its interior and exterior features. Since it’s fully restored, you will notice the high quality, beautifully detailed retro appeal.

You can also decorate the campervan by placing flowers and ribbons on the front surface or inside the campervan. Decorations such as flowers and ribbons would accentuate the positive mood of your wedding. Be impressed by your chauffer who will make you feel loved and welcomed into the celebration. Take a moment to sip your wine glass and enjoy the ambiance of the campervan. Your friends and family will be astonished by the unique entrance.

The unique wedding camper is available to hire for weddings, photo shoots, films, TV and promotional work. During your wedding day, you can take beautiful photo shoots with your partner to capture a memory. You can also include your family and friends to take photos with you next to the campervan. The campervan offers a fun alternative to your average wedding vehicle.

How to Rent a VW Campervan Wedding Car

A retro VW Campervan is an impressive entrance to any wedding of any size. To avoid disappointment, you should choose a rental company with a good reputation and reviews. Check out online reviews of the company and its service. When you have chosen a rental company, make sure to book early. It is highly suggested to book 12 to 18 months before your wedding. It is also recommended to inspect the vehicle condition before signing an agreement. Some important things to look for is its exterior and interior walls. You may also need to check if the windows and doors are securely fastened. The quality of the wedding car shows how much the company cares about their vehicles.

When you enter the car, enjoy the attention and friendly service from chauffeurs. The spacious interior of the campervan will allow you to accommodate six adults or more to create a fun and relaxing atmosphere. For a personal touch, decorate the campervan to match the theme of your wedding. When you finally reach the wedding site, the photographer can take photos of you, your lover, friends, and family. Bring a touch of vintage style and enjoy great photo opportunities with gorgeous, lovingly converted and well-maintained wedding VWs.