This afternoon I would like to talk about Wedding Anniversaries. Once you are married, the wedding anniversary is a big time to celebrate. Whether it be your first year or 10 years into your marriage, remembering the date you and your loved one became an official couple is something that should be celebrated. With this celebration and fond reminiscence of your perfect day often comes a gift! But how do you keep track of what date signifies what? Well the lovely people at I Just Love it have been kind enough to put together a super helpful infographic, as well as putting together a comprehensive list of ideas for gifts for each significant year you celebrate being married.

Anniversary Gifts by Year: The Guide - From I Just Love It

‘Be ahead of the game with this anniversary gifts by year guide. Each year the gift changes with a completely different meaning, so it’s hard to keep up. In this anniversary gift guide, you’ll find an idea for each year up to the big 50, so you’ll never be stuck for a theme again. These gift ideas will suit every budget, big or small. If you’re still stuck for ideas, personalised wedding gifts are always a great option.’

1st Anniversary – Cotton

For your first anniversary, you’ll want something to remember the occasion with. A traditional gift for cotton would be a blanket, but go one step further with personalised pillow cases. These can be personalised with your initials, a quote that you both love or simply ‘his’ and ‘hers’. Either way, you’ll look at these pillows with a smile as you remember the joy of that special day one year ago.

Anniversary Gifts by Year: The Guide - From I Just Love It

Photo by Marianne Krohn

2nd Anniversary – Paper

  • Colour: Gold/Yellow
  • Popular Gift Suggestion: Framed wedding photo
  • Our Suggestion: Paper flowers

Paper seems a bit of an odd gift choice but it’s so varied that anyone could choose a great gift under this brief. A popular gift to give is a framed wedding photo from the big day, or a simple book. If you’re looking to go outside the box, get paper flowers that can be enjoyed for years to come – to really go with the theme, get yellow or gold flowers to signify your two years together.

Anniversary Gifts by Year: The Guide - From I Just Love It

photo by Jonny Barratt – photo source here

3rd Anniversary – Leather

  • Colour: Light Brown
  • Popular Gift Suggestion: Wallet or keyring
  • Our Suggestion: Leather journal

Like paper, leather seems an odd choice for an anniversary gift but it signifies that the relationship is durable, strong and flexible, as there’s no doubt in your three years you’ve had to overcome a few issues together. The traditional gift to give for this year is a wallet or keyring, but we suggest something slightly more special and gift your spouse a leather journal. This can be used as a diary, a notebook or simply a place to keep notes to remember those special moments.

Anniversary Gifts by Year: The Guide - From I Just Love It

Photo by Julius Drost

4th Anniversary – Fruit and Flowers

  • Colour: Lime Green
  • Popular Gift Suggestion: Bouquet of flowers
  • Our Suggestion: Grow your own plant

Giving someone a plant as a gift is much better than flowers – they can nurture the plant and really take care of it. If it can go in the garden, the recipient will be proud of this whenever they see it and will be reminded of you and their fourth wedding anniversary.

Anniversary Gifts by Year: The Guide - From I Just Love It

photo by Aurora Photography- source here

5th Anniversary – Wood

  • Colour: Turquoise
  • Popular Gift Suggestion: Wooden photo frame
  • Our Suggestion: Wooden keepsake box

You’re probably thinking wood isn’t a very exciting gift to give someone for their wedding anniversary, but the meaning is actually quite nice…
Wood represents a strong, long-lasting relationship and signifies the strength of your marriage that has lasted for 5 years so far, so why not celebrate this occasion with a beautiful wooden keepsake box to fill with memories of your marriage?
This will become a great way to remind you of the things you got up to, and you can add to it throughout your marriage. If that’s not your style, why not update your garden with a new wooden bench, or splash the cash and get a new bed for your fifth year of marriage.

Anniversary Gifts by Year: The Guide - From I Just Love It

Photo by Sven Scheuermeie

6th Anniversary – Sugar

This is another case of slightly differing gifts between the UK and the US. In the UK, a 6th anniversary is typically celebrated with a gift of sugar, whereas in the US the gift is iron.
Why not replicate your wedding cake – this could be a fun activity to do with your spouse. Just one tip – whatever you do, don’t get your spouse an actual iron (unless they want one, of course!)

Anniversary Gifts by Year: The Guide - From I Just Love It

Photo by Kevin Belson – photo here

7th Anniversary – Woollen

  • Colour: Off White
  • Popular Gift Suggestion: Woollen jumper
  • Our Suggestion: Woollen print

The Woollen anniversary shows that your relationship is comfortable, safe and secure – all the ingredients needed for a healthy marriage. A woollen print is a unique present to give to someone, as there is a small likelihood that they have already invested in one. To add a special touch, commission a piece that it means something to the couple such as the date they were married, or perhaps the venue location.

8th Anniversary – Salt

  • Colour: Bronze
  • Popular Gift Suggestion: Salt and Pepper Shakers
  • Our Suggestion: Bronze accessory for the home

Well, the US has a much better choice than the UK – who wants salt over bronze?! An idea to get you in the spirit for your 8th wedding anniversary are the traditional salt and pepper shakers. If you want to stick to the salt theme, why not invest in a Himalayan salt lamp? They create a lovely soft light when turned on, and they have beneficial properties such as boosting your mood, cleaning the air in your home and helping you sleep.
However, Bronze is ‘in’ at the minute, so update your home with any bronze accessory. This can be a nice activity for you and your husband/wife to choose together, creating a memory for your eight wedding anniversary.

Anniversary Gifts by Year: The Guide - From I Just Love It

Photo by Jason Tuinstra

9th Anniversary – Pottery

  • Colour: Terracotta
  • Popular Gift Suggestion: Personalised mug
  • Our Suggestion: Copper planter

The year before the big anniversary, you’ll need to save up for something special so the ninth year of marriage is often low-key so the traditional gift is Pottery. This is a great gift idea as it has so many options. You could buy a new pot for the garden, or a new vase for flowers. To add a modern twist to the theme, choose a copper planter.
Or, if you prefer an activity, attend a pottery making class together and have a healthy competition to see who can create the best masterpiece!

Anniversary Gifts by Year: The Guide - From I Just Love It

photo source

10th Anniversary – Tin

  • Colour: Silver
  • Popular Gift Suggestion: Diamond jewellery
  • Our Suggestion: Tea set

Tin doesn’t strike you as worthy of a ten year anniversary, but the meaning is great – it’s durable and flexible, it can go the mile (much like your marriage!). You can still make this anniversary special by treating yourselves to something that you wouldn’t normally buy. A tea set would be a lovely way to celebrate your ten years of marriage,  so why not buy some nice tea and biscuits to enjoy at home?

11th Anniversary – Steel

  • Colour: Turquoise
  • Popular Gift Suggestion: Hip flask
  • Our Suggestion: Iron sculpture

After celebrating ten years ago last year, Steel makes a great wedding anniversary gift. Steel is one of the strongest and most durable metals in the world, and after making it to 11 years, it’s safe to say your marriage is like Steel! We recommend celebrating the occasion with an iron sculpture or something made of steel to mark your 11th year of marriage.

12th Anniversary – Silk and Fine Linen

  • Colour: Oyster White
  • Popular Gift Suggestion: Silk tie or scarf
  • Our Suggestion: Linen bed sheets

Silk and fine linen is one of the most luxurious gifts we’ve had so far in this list, so you should celebrate your 12th year of married life with a bit of luxury. If your funds allow it, go on a silk trade tour around Asia – it will be certainly an anniversary you won’t forget in a hurry. If your anniversary falls in the warmer months, treat your spouse to a fresh pair of linen pyjamas or bed sheets to feel the luxury all year round.

Anniversary Gifts by Year: The Guide - From I Just Love It

photo source

13th Anniversary – Lace

  • Colour: White
  • Popular Gift Suggestion: Lace item of clothing
  • Our Suggestion: Day trip to Nottingham

A day trip to Nottingham may seem out of the ordinary, but the city has been well-known for creating lace for centuries. After 13 years, we’re sure you’ll love a weekend away to a new city.
If you thought salt was odd for an 8th wedding anniversary, Germany beats that with Parsley as their gift of choice for a 13th wedding anniversary (!).

Anniversary Gifts by Year: The Guide - From I Just Love It

Photo by Tom Pumford

14th Anniversary – Ivory

  • Colour: Ivory
  • Popular Gift Suggestion: Clock
  • Our Suggestion: Elephant-themed gift

Ivory signifies luck and protection and, whilst we don’t advise actual ivory gifts, we suggest perhaps finding an elephant-themed gift.
The gemstone for this anniversary is Opal which symbolises love, passion and desire. A gift with an Opal incorporated within will be a very romantic gesture that would please anyone.
The traditional gift for this anniversary is a clock – you can stick to the theme and get an ivory coloured clock which will suit any budget and decor.

15th Anniversary – Crystal

  • Colour: Ruby Red
  • Popular Gift Suggestion: Ornamental plate or crockery set
  • Our Suggestion: Watch

The modern gift list for a 15th wedding anniversary calls for a watch and we couldn’t think of anything better than to celebrate a mile-stone anniversary. The watch is such a practical gift as it will be worn (if it’s liked!) every day, and will remind the wearer of the gift giver every time they put it on in the morning. Watches are also great as they suit every budget and can be picked to suit any style.

Anniversary Gifts by Year: The Guide - From I Just Love It

Photo by Denilo Vieira

20th Anniversary – China

  • Colour: Emerald Green or White
  • Popular Gift Suggestion: China tea sets or plates
  • Our Suggestion: China flowers

20 years! 2 decades. The traditional gift for this anniversary is China, so the one everyone thinks of straight away is a China tea set or plates. We’re sure after 20 years you’ve got some lovely crockery, so we suggest china flowers. These can be on display all year round, marking the occasion well.
If your budget allows, why not go to China and have an unforgettable experience…

Anniversary Gifts by Year: The Guide - From I Just Love It

photo by Jamie Webb Photography. – source here

21st Anniversary – Brass or Nickel

There isn’t a traditional gift for the UK or US for a 21st anniversary, but the modern gift is Brass or Nickel. We suggest either tracking down a coin of the year you were married to have, or commission a set of special cufflinks with a coin in the birth year of the recipient. These will become a great talking point in conversation, and makes a unique yet thoughtful gift.

22nd Anniversary – Copper

You’re in luck if your anniversary is this year, as copper accessories are in fashion at the moment, so whatever the gift you’ll definitely be on the right track! A copper garden sculpture would be a great way to celebrate the day.
For the adventurous, why not buy and learn a new instrument that you’ve always wanted to play? It’d be a great talking point, and an anniversary present you won’t forget.

23rd Anniversary – Silver Plate

  • Colour: Silver
  • Popular Gift Suggestion: Silver plate
  • Our Suggestion: Romantic meal out

This year’s traditional gift is straight forward if you want to match it with the traditional colour – they are both silver. If you want to be literal, a silver plate engraved with a special message would be a lovely gift. However, silver is coming up for the 25th (spoiler alert) and perhaps you don’t want to ‘do’ silver twice in quick succession. We suggest going out for a lovely romantic meal somewhere you wouldn’t normally go. 23 years deserves to be celebrated!

Anniversary Gifts by Year: The Guide - From I Just Love It

Photo by Dana DeVolk

25th Anniversary – Silver

  • Colour: Silver
  • Popular Gift Suggestion: Silver jewellery
  • Our Suggestion: Silver photo frame of all your family

A quarter of a century, that’s a great achievement and one you should definitely celebrate! By 25 years, we’re sure you’ll have a lovely family that you’d love to have photos of around your home. To invest in a silver photo frame would be a great way to celebrate, and create a potential heirloom that your family would want to keep for generations.

Anniversary Gifts by Year: The Guide - From I Just Love It

photo source

30th Anniversary – Pearl

  • Colour: Green
  • Popular Gift Suggestion: Pearl or Mother of Pearl jewellery
  • Our Suggestion: Choose your own Pearl

Choosing your own pearl for a spouse is not only a great gift idea, but it can be as expensive as you like. Picking out the oyster itself normally is a set price, with jewellery options to suit every budget. Don’t like jewellery? Why not just choose a pearl each and keep them in a special place to remind you of the great 30 years of marriage you’ve had.

Anniversary Gifts by Year: The Guide - From I Just Love It

Photo by Joanna Kosinska

35th Anniversary – Coral

  • Colour: Coral
  • Popular Gift Suggestion: Pink coloured jewellery
  • Our Suggestion: Coral coloured clothing or something your spouse needs

Coral can be a tricky anniversary to buy for. 35 years is a long time to be married and we doubt there is anything you need that you haven’t already got! Some ideas for you: Is your husband an avid sportsman? Get him a coral coloured shirt – he won’t be missed in a hurry! If that’s not your style, stick with a sea theme with going out to a nice seafood restaurant. Perhaps you visited a seaside town early in your marriage that you’ve been meaning to return to? Now is the perfect excuse!

40th Anniversary – Ruby

  • Colour: Ruby Red
  • Popular Gift Suggestion: Ruby tie pin, cufflinks or ring
  • Our Suggestion: Wine tasting

What better way to celebrate a Ruby wedding anniversary than to drink ruby beverages. Wine tasting is a great way to celebrate a Ruby wedding anniversary, and a day out you’ll (hopefully) remember for years to come. Yes, cufflinks, tie pins and rings are useful and would be a nice way to remind your spouse of your 40 years of marriage, but sometimes it’s nice to experience activities together rather than something material.

Anniversary Gifts by Year: The Guide - From I Just Love It

Photo by Kym Ellis

45th Anniversary – Sapphire

  • Colour: Sapphire
  • Popular Gift Suggestion: Sapphire based jewellery
  • Our Suggestion: Recreate your wedding breakfast menu

At this length of time of marriage, you may want to remind yourselves of the big day you are celebrating. Why not go out for a lovely meal just the two of you, or celebrate with the family you have created during this time. For something extra special, try to recreate your wedding breakfast menu at home. This will create new memories and remind you of the older ones.

Anniversary Gifts by Year: The Guide - From I Just Love It

photo source

50th Anniversary – Gold

  • Colour: Gold
  • Popular Gift Suggestion: Gold jewellery or accessories
  • Our Suggestion: Golden themed party

A golden wedding anniversary is the big one! Celebrate with a big party with all your friends and family, and make it gold themed.
Congratulations to any married couple that has celebrated 50 years of marriage.

Anniversary Gifts by Year: The Guide - From I Just Love It

Photo by  Keepsake Wedding photography  – source HERE





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