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wedding cars in Hemel Hempstead

Seating: strictly limited to a maximum of 8 passengers, depending on passenger size and bride’s wedding dress (if applicable).

The VW van was first launched in 1949 at the Geneva Motor Show. The first generation of Volkswagen buses were built from 1949 to 1967, and are known as splitwindow buses or ‘splitties’ such as our example, ‘Casper’. Buses built after 1967 are known as ‘bay window models’. After 1979 the revised range became known as ‘wedges’.

Over time the cosy camper had become a bungalow on wheels! 50 years on, early VW buses are as popular as ever, and are enjoying a revival among the surfing community. These must-haves in the V Dub community have now become an interesting and memorable form of wedding day transport! ‘Casper’ is right hand drive and can cater for up to 6 (average size) passengers per journey. He is actually a passenger bus rather than a camper van!

Casper’ has been restored and has received a coat of candy white paint that matches the colour schemes of ‘Mark’ and ‘Lola’, our limousine and convertible Beetles respectively.

Casper’s interior is finished in light beige and his 21 windows includes 8 roof windows that allow for a bright and airy interior. He has all of the usual Beetle Drive trimmings including leather seats, matching door panels, flowers, Champagne area and a top of the range speaker system. He’s a stunning bus and never fails to win the hearts of his passengers!

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